And Then We Drove to Mississippi!

This was Alaina's first year to be a participant of the congregation's Christmas Children's Program, and she had stage fright. Last year, she pretty well led the thing from our pew. This year she was a much quieter and kept looking at her mother. She twisted that cape until it was catty-wonker. But we were so proud of them! Austin had a reading part and did beautifully. {I took a photo, but it was blurry} Later we went out to eat to celebrate the December birthdays of Alaina and Stacey the Mexican way!
That hat was actually much heavier than it looks!
We love our time with these Mississippi sweethearts,
and have planned vacations with all three of our girls
for this upcoming year! We are all so excited!
We had brought this ballerina outfit, complete with jewelry, for
the smallest birthday girl. She's our Princess Alaina. And she knows it.
Happy Birthday, Princess and Stacey!
We'll see you again soon!

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