Wishes & Wants for Christmas!

The following items would easily be on my Wish List and you may find something here to put on yours! You can find them locally or order online. In fact, there are a quite a few items that are offering more of a discount if you order online than shop their store. Strange, looks like they'd want you in the store, purchase something extra on the way to the register, and help that business stay in busy. Hm, maybe not. I did NOT major in economics. Poor Hood, he sure wishes I had {wink font}. So here we go, in no sort of order or reason ~
LOFT ~ I have this pearl/gem cluster bracelet and love it! {Caution however, NOT to use around your laptop!} This is a stylish blend of clustered pearl beads and sparkling stones! And it is gorgeous. It has a strong magnetic bar closure and is 1/2" width.  YOU CAN GET IT AT 40% OFF PLUS FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER. USE CODE HOLIDAY AT CHECKOUT.
Target {or as we call it, Tarje'}:  I found this tonight online while looking for the two pendants I have purchased recently at our local Target. I didn't find them, but I did find this! and it is only available online. It's a great deal at $19.99 Pendant Ribbon Necklace - Lavender  Do NOT make the mistake of thinking you have to be in a higher class of store to find beautiful and eye-catching jewelry. Make it a point to look next time you visit Tarje'!
Anthropologie ~ I would spend mega bucks here if I had the chance, but at the last moment I always close the window on my laptop or decide NOT to drive an hour and half away to our nearest store. I know, I just know I'd buy something. Anything. I like it all. I especially like this sweater. It's called Winter Beauty Pullover and doesn't the color just remind you of winter?! And I love the girly girl details. LoVE iT!!
Lillian Vernon:  Don't underestimate the cute items you can find here for little cash. Three of our grandbabies are getting personalized items from her online catalog and they're too cute! (and useful, which mom likes).  Looking quickly through the holiday items offered, I found these! Too cute! There are more detail than I've seen on pillows I've seen in other stores. Go see what you think of Jingle Bells.
Anthropologie   I love this Cirrus Duvet Cover!! First seeing it on the site of a blogger I follow it has fascinated me ever since! I believe it came in white and another color, but I love the creaminess of ivory.
Same Seller, Same Website you can find this adorable Brandenburg Spreader! We have at least six, most gathered when one of our daughters sold for a homeware company. The others we've bought during various seasons and I love pulling them out just for our enjoyment to butter biscuits and even spread peanut butter. Why not give yourself a bit of beauty each moment you can. It's allowed. And look how cheap this is!
Belks! I love this eyelash ruffle top and I have it in a warm coffee color. Now it's on sale for only $18! (Isn't that always the luck?!)  It also comes in white. Layered under a jeans jacket with dressy black slacks with some serious earrings, wow, you'd turn heads, that's for sure. I don't know if I turn any heads other than the man I adore, but that's who I dress for. And if I turn his head, I know it's a good thing.
Coldcreek ~ This ruffled front silk shirt comes in three colors and I'm almost thinking I'd like the pomegranat color due to the comments I get from girlfriends when I wear that color. There's something about this color that makes me feel dressed up, even when I'm not. Some blue jeans, black patented flats and a slinky small purse. A small diamond, or diamond looking, necklace at the hollow of your throat and you're good to go.
Target, Again! ~ I purchased this set simply because it was so ultra soft when I slipped my hand into the packing while standing in the aisle. It's called their Kissing Pleat Comforter Set.  You'll get comforter, two shams, and bedskirt - then go over to their pillows to round out the look, and oh stop to pick up some 600 count matching sheets. Girl, your husband will love you and you'll love yourself for 1) spending so little money on a great set, and 2) you're falling asleep thinking you're in an expensive hotel. And you're not! This comes also in ivory, white, and a soft aqua/blue. Or they did. Last time they looked, they were getting low. I'm thinking seriously of getting this in white or the one from Anthropologie to go upstairs in a guest room.

I hope this has been fun and given you some ideas. You may be through with your shopping, but we celebrate our family Christmas in January (click here to find out why and to save me breath) and I still have a whole month! Be safe, be happy, help someone, and relish the season. Ask Him to open your eyes to those you blissfully pass by, not meaning to ignore. This isn't an easy time of the year for some people. God bless each and every one of you.

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The Feathered Nest said...

I love all of your wishes and wants Nancy!!!! So many wonderful things, the black blouse is gorgeous and the bedding? So beautiful!!!! I hope you are doing so good sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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