Statues & Candles!

 I love the way statues were used on the tables in these vignettes! {Please forgive me, for I cannot remember which blog I saw them on! I normally try to make sure I add the site name under the photos but neglected to do so this time :(  and I'm also so careful to do this. So if these are yours, please leave me the link and I'll be glad to update this post! I like giving credit where credit is due!}
I don't have any statues this large, but I'm going to be looking after Christmas for some to use next year. I love the way they give a classic look to the scene, as well as the ivory color mixed with shades of white.
UPDATE: Cottage Hill, it's Cottage Hill! It was frustrating me, so I went lookin' {smiley font}
My favorite in this photo are the jewelry on the candles!!! I found this look at The Stories of A to Z and love what she did with the candles! I don't think it would hurt the jewelry ends and look how it adds to the candles.  Shoot, hit the Target, Claire stores and find some costume with the blingbling look! I intend to.

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Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Thanks for the shout out girl! :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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