Happy Birthday, Princess ~

When this baby girl was born, quite a few of us cried. Only because we were in hopes that this pregnancy of Stacey's would bring a little sister for Austin.  I know that Leslie and I were in big hopes that this baby was a girl. And what a girl. Alaina is a real girly girl, loving to dress up, loving to be a princess. She can also keep up with her big brother, and if she can't she sure tries. I've gathered up some of my favorite photos of this sweet girl who turns 5 years old today. I have one, somewhere, of John holding her in the room she was birthed and he has the sweetest smile on his face. But I can't find it {frowny font} We love you, sweet 'laina and look forward to celebrating with you this upcoming weekend!
She and Austin have a great relationship,
although they are a typical brother and sister,
especially when she wants to play with his tech toys.
Loves to pose, loves to dress up!
Her first dance recital and yes, we were there!
She was adorable!!!
Always been a snuggler, and she will sit in your lap forever
if you'll read her a favorite book. Over. And over.
Loves her 'Weswie' although there's not any baby talk now {sad font} 
She's a princess,
a cheerleader for the Dawgs,
and a sweet piece of our hearts.
Happy Birthday, Alaina.
Pa and Nan love you very much!

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