A Make-Over & An Advent Bowl!

I love it when my favorite blogs, or any blog for that matter, take a room and show the before and after photos.  When I first followed the link for this article, I had my doubts as the first photo of the before pic turned me off.  Let's admit it, those huge chocolate stripes turned me off. Click. I'm gone. BUT I continued to read the article and to see the AFTER photos and was intrigued at the way they took the stripes, kept them, and made them work! You won't believe it either.  Click over to Design Indulgence and see how they brought pink, cream, white, and chocolate to work with these stripes that needed to stay. {I'm thinking I'd have gotten rid of them, but hey, these girls made them work.} and an early Merry Christmas!
AND, since today is December 1st here's a really cute idea for an Advent Bowl {smiley font}.  I'll let you scoot right over to Just a Girl to read all about it. Really easy, really cute!


maggie said...

wow that was an amazing and beautiful room!! love everything sherry did!

Chris said...

Oh, Nancy. You are too nice! Thank you for the mention!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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