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loads and loads of fun. We went tonight to Dixie Stampede and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the three little ones too busy watching the show to eat the food put in front of them, or the adults that were the watching the children who were so enthralled they had no appetite. Yep, the take home bags came around and it was brought back to the condo. Noah claims there was only one "bad part". He didn't like the neon colored Native Americans that danced in pure dark. I thought it was very artistic, but to Noah Bedoah it was just too scary. But he loved loved loved the races and games between the North and the South! He picked up quickly that the North were the 'bwue' guys and the South were the 'wed' ones and would count the winner flags placed on the sides of the arena. Noah sat between John and me and there was pure happiness and delight that we were watching heart memories being made. Jenny has posted a bit more on their trip up at The Maddox Family.  You'll enjoy her bits and pieces and a video of Miss Elle.
Ian is seven and is absorbing so much of this trip. Today while the ladies went to Tanger Outlet Mall, John and Brandon took the boys to the Ripley's Aquarium. I'm not sure who had the most fun, Pa or the little ones. I asked him what he thought their best part was and he said it was a toss up between walking underneath the sharks or touching a stingray. I love watching children. They are fascinating little creatures. I told Johnny last night that I felt so much more 'at home' and comfortable with children than I do most adults. They don't judge, they love to snuggle, they are honest and they forgive so easily. They can't lie with a straight face and they love having your attention. Ian has just been a sponge with so much to look at, to experience, to taste, and smell. He found "crunchy snow, Nan!" last night {smile font} The snow had been cleared to the side of the parking lot and frozen, so yes, it was crunchy snow.
Tomorrow we separate until the dinner meal and I'm thinking Pa will take us to The Old Mill. It's another favorite of ours and he thinks the boys would love the rugged look of it. The food is always delicious and they give you so much of it!! I think the Maddox's are going to Ober Gatlinburg, so maybe someone will get to ski down a slope! or get a black bear souvenir! We'll hear about at dinner, I'm hoping! To tell you the truth, I'm not sure who is having the most fun, them or us. Leslie is in the condo with us. The Maddox's are upstairs and we've had such fun being close and having our quiet spaces to retreat to. Thank you, John, for making this all possible. It's a dream come true to be with two of our daughters, three of our babies and Brandon in such a beautiful place. It snowed Thursday night, flurries Friday, and is to be snowing Monday and Tuesday. Here's crossing my fingers again!!
Monday's plans sound like such fun and I'll save those until tomorrow.  Wish all of you were here! January is not a busy time in the 'burg nor Pigeon Forge which makes condo and hotel prices dirt cheap!! I would encourage you to look at Mountain Vista Luxury Rentals. They are new and we are very impressed. We plan to make this our official home away from home now! The Maddox's had 509 and John and I have promised ourselves we want to find two couples to come back up here either in February or March for a long weekend. Ours, 407, was nice and very comfy, but 509 was a beautifully decorated home and a great layout. $209 a night. That's all. Who wants to go?! We are to all head home Tuesday at some point and I want to stop in B'ham at The Summit and trade Johnny for Jenny. I'd like to have both girls in Charming Charlies with me to do just a bit more damage before going back into reality.
Here's a hint for our Monday morning excursion, lunch at the Apple Barn, then another fun interactive upside place to visit. Until then, thanks for stopping by. I'm doing this mostly for our family but maybe it's helped give you some ideas of making the trip to the Smoky's and what you may enjoy when you get here!! Here's hoping we see lots more of this before we leave!!!  Good night, sweet family and friends ~

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charm home said...

Glad you are having a good time. I love the Dixie Stampede. That's one of my favorite things to do when I go up there to visit Dad. Well, that and shopping. :o) Hope the rest of your trip is a blast.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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