Snow in Gatlinburg!

This was our view going into Gatlinburg. Snow!! Beautiful white snow. In fact, it began snowing on us as we were driving through Townsend and all the way through Wears Valley and Pigeon Forge. It was so pretty! And I was so happy. According to The Weather Channel we were to get snow for three whole days!
We had one daughter with us, a comfortable condo, and a snowy evening. Good food, warm fire, and were waiting for another daughter to come in with her family. Brandon and Jenny's condo was awesome  (seriously, it was decorated beautifully) and they arrived safe and sound. The promise of having three days of snow was ultra exciting. But nooooo ~ thank you very much, Weather Channel. By Friday afternoon, the snowfall had pretty much ceased, and it was simply freezing and breezy. I may never believe them again. Ever. Again. Brandon and Jenny took their babies to Ober Gatlinburg, but that was it. No.more.snow. Just freezing weather. Snow in the mountains but only on the side of the road in town. Shoot, shucks, but wait!! We still found lots to do!! And it was such fun.
Leslie, with those gorgeous eyes, at a local haunt we love to frequent for good home cooked food. The sad thing is these few photos I'm sharing are the only ones I have! My family has made such fun of me over the years pulling out my camera to record each gathering that I hesitate to even take photos anymore. I was a bit sad to realize I had so few photos to remember this vacation. I am in hopes that Jenny took some and will share them on her blog once she gets unpacked. She already has a few from the trip on the way up.
I love being in Gatlinburg with this man. He enjoys the calm and slowness of it as much as I do. When the girls were younger we did the outlet/attractions/eateateat routine. But now? We sleep in, have a late breakfast, wander into the mountains, downtown, or a lane by Little Pigeon River. Then it's a late lunch and back to our condo to sit in front of a warm fire, read a good novel, and get good and sleepy on fresh mountain air. Just doesn't get much better.
The fun really began when this little Miss and her big brothers got to town. They entertained us with their happiness and delight at being "in the mountains!" Yesterday, I told you our plans for the weekend (which means these posts are a bit out of order). While the ladies shopped Tanger Outlet Mall, the guys took in the aquarium. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Ian and Noah, or their Pa. In fact, he said he could've traveled through it all one more time, but was outvoted. The girls and I had a nice time wandering in and out of stores and a delicious lunch in front of the fireplace at The Chop Shop. (Crazy name, great food) 

The Titantic museum was fascinating and I would encourage you to go if given the chance. It's well worth the price of the ticket. Sad when you realize it was an accident that could've been avoided. Shocking, when you feel the water temp they were thrust into. So many trapped with no way out. A real learning experience for all of us. Ian, especially, understood much more than I thought he would.

We did not go to the attraction, WonderWorks. Instead everyone, except John and I, decided a nap was in order. We took that time to wander downtown, window shop, and picked up Subway sandwiches and chocolates from Aunt Mahalia. Came back to sit in front of our fire, while the rested ones headed out for dinner and Ripley's Believe It or Not. Ian was still excited with what they saw there this morning at breakfast!

It was cold, cold, cold with no new snow the last five days of the trip. However, it was a truly nice vacation with six people we love dearly. Then it was time to go home. And it rained all.the.way.home. I'm serious. ALL.THE.WAY.HOME! But I still saw snow!!

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Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Glad you have a lovely vacation...and enjoyed the snow!

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