A New Blog, A Shout-Out

The Lands Across the Lake is a blog I found this afternoon and written by the wife of one of my favorite students! Daniel Land came to our elementary school his second grade year and I had the honor and privilege of having him in my classroom! Smart, talented, mannerly, and just an all around really good kid. This 'kid' has grown up, is a member of our Armed Forces, happily married to Brittany Gay, and they have an adorable son now. I know there are readers from the Holtville area that will recognize him and may have wondered where he is. Across the ocean! Making dreams come true!
You must go to their blog and not read of their life in Europe but also see the photos that Brittany includes. She is also on Facebook and that's where I saw some of the most beautiful views of Venice, Italy seen through her lens. She's quite the photographer and I am so tickled to reconnect with them through their blog! From me to them ~ thank you for the sacrifices made to serve our country, to have many homes in few years, and to go through the times when your family is separated. My home truly appreciates both of you.


Brittany said...

You are so sweet, Mrs Nancy! A friend of mine actually fixed my layout for me so I am all set! Thank you! And we had a wonderful time in Venice! We went down for Thanksgiving and it was everything I imagined! We went with some friends and their 1 year old and the trip was relatively smooth with two babies! So glad we can keep up on here!

Heather said...

How neat! I love reconnecting with people from HHS and reading about their life and family now. Thanks for directing us there. I'm on my way to read their blog!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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