25 Years Ago

It's one of those times you'll always remember where you were. Our youngest daughter, Jenny, was in kindergarten and home sick that day. She was cross legged in front of the TV, as I'd told her that she was witnessing a part of history. I sat behind in the rocker waiting for the blast off and the cheering. Instead, there was an explosion and the horrible silence as the audience realized what had happened. Jenny sat there for a bit, then turned, and with a confused look, asked, "What happened? What happened to those people in that rocket?" I was already crying. For them. For the families. For us. I've never forgotten.
A dear friend of mine has written where she was and what she experienced, along with the words of our President Ronald Reagan.  Go to her site, then let us know where you were, your thoughts, how it affected your day. Had you paid attention to NASA before this? My father was always interested in science and the space program so it was par for the course for me to be watching the lift off. (The movie, 'Right Stuff', love it. If you haven't watched it, do so! Another good one is Tom Hanks in Apollo 13.) Today we remember the lives of the seven that loved what they did, knew the risks, and gave their lives in doing so. Remember with prayers today those they so suddenly left behind. God bless America and those that uphold her.

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