We've Had Company!

We've been babysitting, and loving it. Their parents had errands on Saturday afternoon, then called and asked if we'd keep them through supper. Uh, yeah! So we called in pizza and sandwiches! 
Sweet Noah is suffering with an ear infection, but he was happy enough to stay with Pa and Nan and we even got snuggles. He was up for laughing and giggling but his appetite was a bit off. He and Ian still managed to finish off a large, thin crust cheese Domino pizza by themselves. 
Sweet Ian, you ask him to smile for you and you get this posed look. Ah well, normally he's into the tv, or the legos, or playing with his little sister. He would kiss her and she would giggle. Back and forth. 
Little Miss has learned to climb up onto the ottman and claim it as her throne. She eats up there, plays up there, but still falls asleep in my arms when she's tired out. Like her brothers, she loves pizza. You can see it outlined on her mouth. Her appetite is almost as big as theirs! Brandon and Jenny are going to have some powerful grocery bills with these three as they grow. These are the precious reasons I haven't been online much and pray that you had a restful weekend filled with love and laughter ~

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