Have Time to Organize? Sure.

First of all, I'm retired, which means I should have organized closets, drawers, under the beds (I love those plastic bins on wheels!) and closed off areas like the pantry and laundry. Notice I used the word 'should'. My girlfriends (that still teach) talk about how they do what they can on holidays and how they envy the time I have at home to keep it all neatly organized. I just smile and ask for a tea refill.

The closet above is a small closet that goes with the master bedroom.  The larger closets are upstairs with the larger bedrooms. When we first moved in, we made one of the rooms upstairs the master. However, it got easier and easier just to go to bed down here. It helped that the bath is much larger than the one upstairs. That's when it all began. The closet became a catch-all. Mr. Hood would go upstairs to get his clothes and leave them in the smaller downstairs closet. I began hanging up his clean clothes downstairs. Now he has clothes both upstairs and down. {The only thing of mine down here are my shoes. I don't like walking down the stairs in anything but flats.}
The closet has quickly become a place for other things besides items of clothing. Such as the vacuum cleaner, a topiary that has no home, plastic bins that holds who knows what, and the clothing isn't even arranged! The work shirts are separated from the casual and dress ones, but my OCD's include placing short sleeves together by color, etc.} It's a small closet, but it has potential. I hope. 
 Hunting equipment! Both downstairs and upstairs. Not sure how that happened. None of it has been used since we moved in. I think we got tired and said to heck with it. See my problem? And there's another area that's making me grit my teeth.
The master bath has a nice linen closet in it and it has slowly accumulated items that no one knew where else to put it. Now, it's not as if we don't have storage in this townhome. If you're familiar with The Park apartments, then you know they have used each extra inch for either living area or storage. I love it. I've just not taken the time to organize it since we moved in. We've been here since March! And I'm retired! I don't stay home twiddling my thumbs each day, but there really is no excuse not to have it where I don't take the enamel off my teeth each time I open the doors. My goal, after we return from our Gatlinburg vacation with our daughters!!!, is to organize and clean up these two closets. The ones upstairs? I'm thinking they can wait until the first of summer. I don't want to overdo things.

Now, let's end this with one of those gut busting laughs. The first time I saw this I laughed each time I thought of it. I think I've had it on here before, but I really don't care. Some things are good enough to watch twice. Or thrice. Or, um, what comes after that?!  I'll be back later with updated pics of organized closets!


Heather said...

Yeah, I thought being a stay-at-home mommy would mean that I would have neat organized spaces and all my "projects" would be completed. HAHAHA! Not even close! I think things are even messier now. [sigh]. Oh well... ;)

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

I think everyone is getting the new year organizing bug...I hope I catch it too- I def have a couple closets that could use some help!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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