Food, Friends, and Fun!

She had to have some annual tests done and didn't want to go alone. It is a nice thing to be needed, not to mention I'm always up for some girlfriend time! I went along to giggle and laugh, and read a book about Oprah (by Kitty Kelly!) while Kay had a vamp take her blood and an alien scan her chest and heart. She was feeling a wee bit frightened.
The testing did not take long, and since she had fasted, she was hungry! WhooHoo, breakfast! One of my favorite meals. What am I talking about?! They're all my favorites. We ate, and talked and talked, and ate. Driving out of the parking lot, we decided not to go get our nails and toes prettied, as planned ~
But to go to the Zoo instead! I've been to the Montgomery Zoo once, with Jenny and her babies, since leaving my second grade post and let me tell you it was nice getting there in a vehicle that wasn't a long yellow bus! The day was a bit windy but beautiful. Cool enough that we were glad we had light jackets. We just wandered around and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
My favorite was the Sumatron Tiger. He/She was so soft and cuddly looking and very regal. We had to remind ourselves that it was an animal much like this that tried to take the face off that entertainer in Las Vegas. What was his name?! Siegfred and Roy? There comes a point when you just have to realize that one day it's a house cat, the next day it's a wild animal that wants you for dinner. Just sayin'.
I also like the alligators, and there are signs up stating they are building a new addition just for the American Alligators, which by the way are in all natural rivers and most ponds around central Alabama. WHaT tHe?! This is no lie, and I still laugh when repeating it, but there was a student named Aaron in my class one year. Came to school telling us his daddy had found a Styrofoam cooler at work, and it had a baby alligator in it! After the hullabaloo 20 excited kids can make ended, I asked him if they were taking it to the Zoo. "Heck no, Miss Hood, he just let it go in the creek behind our house." Aaron's best friend, John, jumped UP saying (loudly) "THAT creek runs behind my house!"  A few years later, they both came by my room to visit and I asked Aaron about that alligator. Before he could answer, John yelped, "I forgot about that gator! I bet that's what's been happening to our dogs!" And yup, I laughed again, thanking my lucky stars I didn't live on the creek that emptied into Blackwell Slough! True story, cross my heart. Which is why I would never, ever, ever, never slide over the edge of a boat to pee. I don't want to turn around and see two beady eyes a foot away from my nose. I keep telling Hood there's things with sharp teeth in that river! 
So, I wasn't afraid of the tiger. Or the gator. But snakes? (Or 'snicks' as Jenny called them when she was younger.) Just being in The Reptile House made me nauseated. Kay kept getting right up on the glass to find whatever was to be in the enclosure and I promise you, had something come at the glass from INSIDE that cage, I'd have peed in my pants. Right there. No lie. And knocked her down finding a way out.
We left and it was Sonic time!!! How many of you love those slushies as much as I do?! All time fav is the Cherry Limeade. Route whatever. Gimme the biggest one there is. Then come home, put the lime slice down the garbage disposal and make your home smell fresh!
Having rested driving back to town, and rejuvenated with a snack and drink at Sonic ~ and NO, I'm NOT going to tell you what we had. I have a blog about Losing Forty and this is NOT confession day, so there. But it sure was good.
And who doesn't like to go to Kirkland's?! They're having a lamp sale, but nothing grabbed me and it was a bit crowded. I don't like to look with someone bumping into me while I'm standing still with several large pictures propped on a hip. Kay felt the same way, so we called it a day. Went back out to her SUV and played with our iPhones. She got one last week! and now, like me, she's addicted.
She got hers through Verizon. Now, I want a new one from Verizon.
It was such fun, and thank you, Kay, for needing a friend.
It's always nice to be needed {grateful font}.
And to go to the Zoo.
And Kirkland's.
And play.


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I just found your blog from Melissa's page. I am now following along I look forward to reading more. Come check me out if you get a chance.

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