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CasaSugar has some great tips on prepping your home for resale. We have moved a few times in our life together and never had a problem selling any of them (and getting a bit more than market price on a few!). It is extremely important to 'stage' your home and I cannot impress that upon you enough. Now is the time to put away family photos, put bulky furniture in storage, and get rid of the heavy drapes! HGTV has several shows that will not only give you ideas but will help you sell your home quickly and get the necessary money you need. I loved staging ours. A quick sell means we're looking for another to decorate and move into. For a bit. Until I get the urge again. Poor hubby. He's a patient man.
I loved what Melissa at The Inspired Room had to say about melding our feminine side with that of our masculine others. Her article You Anchor Me Back Down is heart warming and filled with photos that bring her post to life. I'm sure from there you'll want to explore the rest of her site as well!
One of the sites I frequent always makes me go, "Oh!".  Kristen is very talented, not only with decorating her home but she has an Etsy shop as well and sells the most precious deocrated framed and photo books. She has been taking us along with her on the renovation of her kitchen and it's finished now! You can see her choices and the completed project here. Kristen's Creations is a beautiful blog.
No one, that I know of, throws a party like Melissa Lester, at A little Loveliness. She's a local writer, author, and party planner that thrills the senses with not only her ideas and photos but she includes the recipes! Some are new and tweaked by her, some have been passed down for generations. Her site? A total feast. Believe me. It's one of those sites you'll go back to again and again. And again.
I worked at a children's boutique for a bit once and we sold birthday hats for almost $25. I've seen them for $20, but you won't spend anywhere near that kind of money and still have a beautiful hat for that little special someone. Jones Design & Co have a tutorial on making these and it's too easy. Then embellish to your heart's content. And yes, you can do this!
Heartstrings is another site of mine, where my hands lead when my heart is filled and running over. It's a quiet site, and I feel uplifted and refreshed each time I visit. Or add to it. I hope you enjoy it, as well.
Our daughter's blog is about a busy mommy with day to day problems, giggles, and hugs. There are bad days, great days, and some things overheard and noticed. If you're a young mother, click over to Jenny's spot and see if you can find yourself in her life. If you're a grandmother like me, it will bring memories to your heart and wishing that just for one day, they could be small again. With hugs, and bright eyes.

And for something fun to end with on a Friday, I'm joining up with Only Prettier. After you read mine, go to her site and link up yourself! And have a beautiful, blessed weekend ~
1. Can you drive a stick shift? ONLY if I have to!

2. What are two foods you just can't eat? Ugh, mincemeat and rutubagars
3) Do you buy Girl Scout cookies and your favorite? We don't anymore, but I loved the chocolate with peanut butter things. I could totally eat a box with some sweetened icy tea!

4) How do you pamper yourself? When no one's home, and no appointments, I sleep in. As late as my widdle body feels like it! And I don't feel guilty about it either!

5) What is your nickname and how did you get it? Sweetheart to him, momma to them, Nan to the g'babies, Princess and/or Sunshine to my daddy, and Mrs. Hood to my students.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Thank you for the feature, Nancy! I'm honored to be included. Love all your links, I'm checking them out....those party hats are soooo adorable!!

Have a great weekend!

Melissa Lester said...

Thanks for the mention, Nancy! You are so sweet, and your blog exudes love.

Only Prettier said...

Thanks so much for the mention and I love your daddy's names for you.....btw you sound like sunshine!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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