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I love Brittany's blog. Not only because I fell in love with her husband when he came into my classroom during his second grade year in elementary school but because she speaks the honesty of all young mothers and wives.  What she does have that I never had is the opportunity to live abroad while Daniel is serving our country.  Today's post was too good not to share with my readers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and I'm sure you'll remember those shoes she's in right now. Maybe you're standing in them yourself. And after reading this, hop on over to The Lands Across the Lake and become a follower to keep up with this sweet young family. Without further ado, here's Brittany in her own words.
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"Sometimes I wish that growing up I had a better idea of reality. I lived in la-la land for way too long. In college I had several store credit cards like Express and American Eagle and had no idea you had to make payments every month. I thought it was just an option and as long as you still had credit available you were good... You just needed to make a payment when you needed to charge more stuff. Wrong. So wrong. So very wrong that my credit score is just now to a number that isn't completely embarrassing. You live, you learn.

I also wish that my Barbies had come in different stages as a kid. Like, the Barbie that we all had was your college and pre-pregnancy Barbie. Then, once Barbie had a baby there was a little attachment for her waist and chin (those are the two places I've had the hardest time accepting ever since Eli was born). Barbie would throw away those hot pink stilettos and start rocking flip flops and Reebok Easy Tones. She would have to get rid of the Corvette and start driving the Jeep. Ken would trade in his ascot and Speedo for a pair of khaki cargo shorts and an old college tee to remind him of his glory days. The dream house would need a new roof and the toilet wouldn't stop running.

I guess that is what makes childhood so magical. The idea that you would always have everything go your way and every morning you wake up next to Ken and looking like our girl Barb. Bills magically get paid and you only work for the fun things you want to buy. Lingerie doesn't itch and babies always sleep in their own bed. You can stay up until 3 am and sleep until noon. There is always milk in the fridge and mom still cooks you supper... "

Now to all of you heading into the weekend, be safe, be happy, and look for someone to help have a day as nice as yours ~



Lindy said...

You were so right -- that was a great post and so, so true! Thanks for sharing it, Nancy.

Brittany said...

Thanks, Mrs. Nancy! You are so sweet. I've meant to tell you that Daniel is coming home with us in April, before he deploys, for about 2 weeks. We should get lunch one day and you guys can catch up and you can meet Mr Eli, and me! Have a great day!

Heather said...

Love it!! So true and beautifully written :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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