Flashback Friday

First, we received this photo from our daughter, Stacey ~
Snow, lots of snow. School was out!
About twenty minutes away is our daughter, Leslie.
And she got snow! Even more once this was taken!
Stacey and Leslie live in Brandon, MS. Jenny lives in our city.
Look how much snow they got at their home?!
Everyone got a nice, clean accumulation of white snow.
Except us. East Prattville did not get much.at.all.
Pooh. It was pretty coming down, and some
is better than none. This year we've had more cold days
and more snowy days, just not here. Not sure why.
But I can remember last year and smile knowing there
were four little ones laughing and playing in the snow.
{Elle was a few months old and uninterested.}

Post a photo from this last year on your blog and let me know. I'll visit and see what you were up to Feb. 11, 2010! Here's the original post from Jenny's site, Our original post can be found here. Personally, I hope we aren't through with the snow, but I have to say that from here. Say it outdoors and people glare at me.

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