New Fonts Available!

I have been wanting a larger selection of fonts foreva!!! And now Blogger has given them to us! If you go to Layout, Template Designer, and go to the Advanced tab you can find a world of new fonts available to us! For instance, you want to change your Text font. Find that on your scroll screen, and you'll see the ones normally offered for the past million years.  Scroll PAST those, and voila! There's oodles, okay not that many, but there are so many cute ones we can use. And you can use a different one for your title, another one for your sidebar titles.

If you've known this all along, forget this post. I've just discovered it and am crazy lovin' it! Just sayin'.

{Tip: Go here for lots of easy secrets to make your blog stand out!}


Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Your blog looks great! I love the new fonts : ) I keep meaning to change mine...

Jenny said...


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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