Makes You Go Wow!

There are just some ideas that make you go, "Wow!" and this was one of those times. 320 *Sycamore. When I saw it I immediately thought how simple it was! And that it would look so good on our 'shelf over the TV because we don't have a mantel anymore' area. I can do this! I will do this, just as soon as I can get myself to Hobby Lobby and find those little silver buckets. Finding dried 'weeds' this time of year will be easy, as one of our daughters lives in the country and her dirt road abounds with this type of nature! The top of my piano never looked this good.
As a matter of fact, it looks just like my piano! Well, it belongs to one of our daughters now, but for years it sat in our homes and was decorated nicely but I never attained the simple, but elegant, look that this is.

And tearing up books?! I love books, love the look of old books, of loved books, but I am not beyond tearing the cover off one, or tearing the pages out of some to frame or use under clear switch plates.
Look what Lindy at Cottage Hill has done. Simple. Classy. Elegant. I intend to tear the covers off some old books I just use for decoration. These are some ideas that make me go 'Wow!'

And there are times that make us all go 'Aw' such as when babies are born. Kelly has been praying, I have been praying, we've all been praying for her sister to become pregnant. It's been a struggle for Amy, but she and her husband were blessed with the birth of Cole this past week and we are all overjoyed. You can read bits here of that feeling and Kelly will link you to Amy's blog where she introduces Cole to the blogging world. You really need to treat yourself to clicking on Kelly's header and just reading her everyday posts. I kid you not, with these posts and her Facebook stati she needs to write a humorous book on raising children and the every day moments of laughter there can be. Embracing the Craziness. Go check it out and plan to smile. We just always smile at newborns, don't we.
I hope the top ideas gave you some new ideas to play around with, and the news of Kelly's nephew arriving safe and sound filled your heart with the newness of our upcoming Spring. I just bet some of you north of the Mason Dixon line would love to see some warmer weather! It's coming. We just don't want it too soon. Early Springs just seem to make for longer, hotter, insufferable Summers. But then, I'm a Winter gal.


Lindy said...

Thanks so much! You always say the nicest things. The little one is just adorable!! I love babies!

Only Prettier said...

such a big cute baby....blessings for them!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

You are so sweet, Nancy. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Good luck finding some good weeds :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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