Can You Help?!

I saw these on Perfectly Imperfect and have gone online looking for this set! I want these for next Winter! Mr. H, I want these for next Winter! O daughter 'o mine, I want these for next Winter! I've already emailed Cracker Barrel for help. If anyone out there has these sweet dishes and you don't really care if they're in your home or not, email me please, I'd love to take them off your hands for a sweet price. I even typed in 'white snowflake dinnerware' on Google and nothing came even close to this. Forget eBay. Been there. I love Cracker Barrel dinnerware and plan to go tomorrow and get the Easter dinner plates. But for now? I want these white snowflake sets!! Four sets would be fine! Six would be even better! Eight? Wow.
And I forget who had this framed print {frustrated font} but I managed to find it on Google images. Only because someone had it on a blog. And didn't mention where one could find it. Darn! Don't do that to me. For some reason, this print speaks to me. The snow maybe? or the sweet bunnies? For whatever reason, if anyone out there as seen where one might buy this print or even a framed one, let me know.
Thank you ma'am/s {sweet smile font}.

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Judy said...

Nancy, I thought I saw these in our cracker barrel in montgomery during christmas but I know that's not doing you any good now....maybe you'll luck up and find some or they'll get some in before next christmas!

Good luck!

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

I just spent about an hour looking for these online. I found something similar but not close enough. Plus they were expensive! UGH

Nancy said...

I know!!! I spent longer, so long my buttock got numb :/ I've written Cracker Barrel and just maybe :) the blog where I found it said her mother bought them a few years back. Other snowflakes sets just didn't grab me, ya know?! and the bunny print I haven't been successful at :(

Unknown said...

Did you ever find your dinnerware? I am in the hunt the cake plate, 4 mugs, 4 salad/dessert plates and the pitcher, but I NEED 4 dinner plates!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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