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You simply must go over to Willow Decor and see the numerous photos of this gorgeous brick home in north Georgia. Not only is it beautiful but the surroundings make it regal, yet cozy. Elegant, yet classic. I would love love love to be the owners wrapped up in this winter's snow. There's an amazing fireplace. While I was reading through some of the comments, I noted that the owner of this home had comments on the electric bills. You might find that interesting as well. Again, "Wow, what a home". 'Nuf said.
How would you like to live in a Post Office?! This family does. It's transformation can be found at one of my very favorite sites, Hooked on Houses. I was surprised at the decor and the size of the rooms and amazed that I didn't think they looked cold or lofty. It all flowed well and I could see myself living there. Well, after I've had time to live in the brick home in north Georgia. That one's still got my heart.
Now for some home decor. This is a nightlight and you can find the tutorial at Life {Sweet} Life. It's easy directions and well written.  You'll find yourself decorating to fit the theme of your little one's room. A cute idea and one that is also very useful. We are empty nesters now but I still have little lights in most of the rooms and hallways. They're useful but also set a nice ambiance.
Last, but not least by a long shot, is the fabulous wreath Kristen at Kristen's Creations has made. AND she's giving us the directions. Directions so easy I can even follow them.  I haven't made it to Hobby Lobby yet to get the items needed, but plan to by the weekend, so our door will be dressed for the season.

Take the time to explore all four of these blogs. They are talented women and love to talk of their ideas for design and home decor.  I always find something new to try and learn various ways of changing up the vignettes you've already set out. These four ladies are very talented with what they do. Hooked on Houses will get you indoors to just about any home you've wondered about. Have a grand time looking around!

We had some much needed rain today and the Hubs and I slept in until almost noon. Felt soooo good and then had three of our grandbabies here this afternoon for laughter and giggles. Pizza rounded it out when the parents came in and my heart is just running over with His infinite blessings tonight. Almost time for sweet slumber. I pray your week has been a good one and that the rest of the week smiles upon you ~


Kristens Creations said...

Hi Nancy, Thank you for mentioning me! =)

I'm off to see that post office house...oh wow!

Your blog design is really beautiful by the way!


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Thanks so much for the sweet compliments on my nightlight! I have enjoyed reading your are an incredible woman! Hope you're having a great time on your getaway. :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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