Through the Eyes of a Camera

This is part of an arrangement you see as you enter our living area. I thought it looked nice, until I took a photo of it. Ahhh, that's what we need to do to make sure it does look as it should. For instance, I find that I don't like the flower arrangement with the colors in the plate and the hanging picture. Somthing different needs to be done, such as a statue or at least a floral arrangement with the colors in the plate.
This arrangement looked totally okay with me, until I took the photo. The book looks out of place. The spiral topiary looks lifeless. Somethings need to be taken away and something different brought in.
I saw this arrangement on a favorite blog, but cannot remember for the life of me which one it was. What I didn't do here, as far as a photo, it so make sure I had the place settings visible. The one photo I did take of one of the settings showed the salad plate off center. Little things like that you don't see on blogs where the author is not only an awesome decorator but seems to have such a knack with a camera!
This vignette? I like it {smile font}. In fact, I love it. And it's the colors I want to be bringing into our home for the Spring and Summer season. The photo is one of my favorites ~ our son in law chasing his first born. I really can't say that I want to do anything different with this area.
Who can guess what's wrong here?! Butterflies and birds. We don't have a mantel to decorate in this home and instead have a large shelf (Hobby Lobby) over the flatscreen TV. From where I'm sitting, I can see that it needs a 'bird' picture and maybe some live greenery spilling from the glass bottle. The card you see is a postcard that, in reality, has an old time charm. You don't notice the bright gold colors that popped out in the photograph.  Now, let's see what can be done to these arrangements! Stay tuned! Now that my sweet man is coming off this shift, I can make noise during the day!

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