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If you've been a reader for awhile, you've read this in a previous post. However, I've looked and looked and cannot find it (I was going to refer back to it, but guess not.) How often do you wash your dryer vent? WASH your dryer vent? You need to clean it each time you use it and wash it at least once a month, depending on usage. Do I do this? I clean the filter at least once every two days and yes, I wash it once a month. If water pools up on top of your filter, you need to take an old tooth brush to it. Your screen is clogged. When your filter screen is clogged, your dryer pipe will be clogged. And that, my good reader, will cause a fire. A nasty fire. If you're like me and run your dryer at night, while you're sleeping, or while you're running errands, you really don't want to return home to find a big red fire truck outside your home! 
See where the filter goes? This is another spot that accumulates lint. Once you have your filter out, look down in there and see what you can find. Chances are, you'll find dust bunnies. And they need to go.
My vent brush did not come with the dryer, but I bought it in appliance area. I bent mine to make it easier to use. Every time I take the filter out, again at least once every two days, I look in to see where I need to use this brush. Sometimes the accumulation is caught on a small shelf, other times there are dust bunnies that released when I removed the filter and they are now resting on the bottom of the filter area. Get a brush if you don't have one. Use it. Again, you don't want a dryer fire.
Yuck!!!! Our ducts are directed to the outside and we're on the second floor. I'm not sure how often our maintenance men clean the vents but I hope it's often enough NOT to have the buildup like the one on the left! Maybe with my regular cleaning, our dryer ductwork does NOT look like that. Eeewwww.
Just another idea to keep your cabinets from getting crowded if you have small children or grandbabies, as we do. It dawned on me, finally after number five was born, to put the sippy cups in a basket! This way they can choose their own cup and I don't take up precious space in my upper cabinets! Alas, we have two now that are almost 8 years of age and sippy cups are not the thing to drink from {wink font}.
Just to leave you with a recent photo of John and our youngest grandson. They are buddies through and through. I was hoping to get Miss Elle in the photo but as soon as she saw the camera she hopped down to come see what was on the viewing screen.  She hopped down too quick. I didn't have one to show her. Until I made this one, that is. But I was really hoping to get one with all three. Guess it'll have to wait. Hope you're having a great week, one filled with love and laughter and may you have a God-filled tomorrow.

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Heather said...

I can't believe how grown up Noah looks in that photo! Wow!

And I've signed you up as the new Public Fire and Life Saftey Educator up here ;) LOL. Good job on getting that fire safety info out! Lots of people don't realize how dangerous that can be.

Love you!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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