Time for Pools & Beaches ~

It's Pool and Beach time at Pottery Barn. The Mister calls it Poverty Barn, a name he learned from another.
I love these products!! I don't love their prices. UNLESS, you happen to find a good SALE, which is possible! And you can also find dinnerware at good prices at times. Mainly? I use Pottery Barn for ideas and decide what I want and what I don't want. Then I go looking in flea markets, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, even Penney's homewares!
I could so use this in my laundry room, which is our back door into the garage. We wouldn't need it at what one would call the back door. There's no walkway to it {happy font}. However, our laundry is narrow and it would catch our tall son in laws at the shoulders as they haul in clothing bags and other items when the families visit. I'd love to look for something like this, but it just wouldn't be feasible for me. How about you?
I would so love to find something like this! I would hang it in the kitchen, by the patio door, just for decorative looks. Useful, too, when our granddog visits as there's a place to hang a leash, and possible a pretty towel for quick clean ups. I haven't seen anything like this, but then I haven't looked. I will now.
Pottery Barn has this for a good price, but if you know a Thirty-One representative (I use Joy Gordon in Prattville AL) you can find one larger with more pockets and lots of different patterns. I love 31!
A daybed. Right up there with a swinging bed. Even above a wicker swing, and way above a wooden! My thing about these happens to be a concern for mildew on the mattress and covers. Doesn't that happen?!
Our neighbor next door has a knotted hammock between two pine trees. I love it. I do. I love it. When she is out there with her book, she look SO peaceful. The Hood is cutting our pines down. Dangerous in this part of the world to have pines overhead. There are no hard woods behind us, so no hammock. Drat.
Isn't this gorgeous?! I would love to have this on our porch, but in white. It wouldn't seat everyone, though, so I think I'll have one of these and one of these.
It would just about seat all the adults and I love tables large enough to decorate. Just might talk him into one of each. You think?!
I've mentioned on here before that I plan to do this on our porch but I am not using panels this costly. I plan to go to Lowe's, but up some $9.99 dropcloths and have the Hood string up some clothes line wire and I'll clip large rings at the top and slide them on. Mostly for looks, as our backyard is green and shady, but it will be nice to close off the sides during a rain shower. Not to mention how it softens the living area.
Isn't this gorgeous?!?! I think I've seen similar items in souvenir shoppes around here, so I'll be on the lookout now. Maybe Old Time Pottery will have just the one I need. If not, the 'Shark' shop will.
This one and the next three are just to show you, and me, how easy it is to scatter them around the house! I love it when the grandbabies touch and even smell the "ocean". {And try to remember, if it can be picked up, patched up, or cleaned up, don't worry about it. Feelings are more important and life is too short.} 
This is ONE faux dogwood branch with a nest on old books. And I have a table just waiting for this vignette. Notice the book tied with twine? The cover's been torn off. A girlfriend and I, this past week, saw this in a boutique for $25. Yeah, we giggled. This is easy to duplicate!
You know my weakness for plates, especially salad & desserts. These are dinner plates, so I'd pass on them and purchase the smaller ones. But it gives you the idea of mix and matching and I love doing that.
And I'm ending with this. How many of you remember croquet sets?!?! I know the grandparents we lived near had one and I would love to have it now! You would NOT believe how expensive this set is, so I plan to be on the lookout now for one when I hit the flea markets and places like Target. A little distressing on a new set and it looks nice and weathered. We loved playing croquet, although my sister and I were the only ones playing by the rules. The twins loved kicking the balls and laughing. Boys. So, did you have one?

Have a great week! Get ready for a great Summer, and blessings to all ~

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The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Nancy...I've missed you so!!! I hope all is well and wonderful with you girl! I just love this post and LOVE Pottery Barn too ~ I've never bought a single thing from them but am continuously inspired by their catalogs and their website. I just LOVE that Johnny calls them Poverty Barn!!! HAHA! I really do think you can find a croquet set at Target or Walmart...you make me want to get one too!! Sending you hugs and love sweet girl, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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