What's Your Blood Type?

 Today I'd like to share my post over on Losing Forty, a blog I began when I wanted to lost forty in a year. It didn't happen. 2011 was a fun year, filled with two vacations of a lifetime, the decision to move away (like almost four hours!), a prayed over decision for John to retire early, and the announcement that our middle daughter was marrying a precious Christian man! All of this in one year! So, no, I didn't lose forty. I did lose fifteen {BIG SMILE font} but I also gained it back. Thus, the blog is still ongoing and I'm learning from it. It was more for me anyway than for public viewing, although I did include it under 'My Other Writings'.
I heard of this book at a Bunco group I believe and we went to our local bookstore and purchased the first book. Then purchased the second book. You can learn more by visiting the blog and reading more. If you or anyone you know have tried these eating habits, I would be very interested in knowing how they did and what they thought, or what you thought.

It's another gorgeous day on the coast and having some rain coming in later this week has it a bit overcast and a nice breeze outside. I'm enjoying our porch and getting a bit of sun without killing my knee walking over an large expanse of sand to get to the surf and sand area. We keep our 'beach' bags in the car now just in case we decide on a moment's notice to go or stop on the way home. Need I say how much we are loving it. Now to work on eating healthier! Blessings ~

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