Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili ~

Very seldom do I cook new recipes. Well, okay, very seldom do I cook. Shhhhh, only my friends & family know. I like good food, though, and am beyond blessed to have family & friends that are good cooks! Those that aren't? We meet at a good eatery!

I found this recipe on Pinterest. Yes, my new favorite place to be. It looked good. It looked easy. AND, we were having family in. So YES, I wanted to impress {wink font}
I won't go into it here BeCAuSe I want YOU to visit this site! Don't let the title fool you. This girl has some good stuff. And not just photos. Y'all, this recipe is a throw together, can't get easier, will make it again recipe! Click here on Photo a Day to get the easy peasy recipe. We ate it in different ways. I made a burrito with mine adding shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, and Lite sour cream. The Hood ate his with a burrito on the side, and Stacey (if I remember correctly) ate hers with tostido chips. You can't go wrong. It's that easy. Now, if I could just buy shredded chicken somewhere. Have a blessed week!

Oh, and those sweet things that visited with us this past week?! Our oldest daughter and their two sweet babies. The Hood went to The Track with them while they rode race carts and bumper cars! Yeah, we hated seeing them leave. We have five of the most loving and affectionate babies. We are so in love~
They'll be back in July for the 4th! And she's bringing HER hubs to grill and cook! He's a master at grilling and cooking on the grill. I'm cutting way back on my eating until then so I can stuff myself while he's here!

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