Bits & Pieces of June ~

1 ~ What is with the border around the blog title?! I cannot get rid of it! I wanted the title to say "Faith, Family, & Friends" instead of the original "Faith, Family & Food".  When I re-added the new header, there was a border! I've gone thru HTML, and editing shops and STILL, there's a border. An ugly border. Stacia, Teale, ideas?

OKAY! Uploading the photo and putting it on here, there's no border! Why won't it look like this when I try to do the header in Layout?!?!?! Help, someone!

2 ~ I am missing our youngest and her babies! It's been since the first part of March  (I know we're blessed that they aren't further away. All three girls live within less than five hours, so we feel truly blessed). She did drive down with a friend for a quick Sunday lunch - it was a business trip - and that's been it. However {smile font} they may make it here for a weekend trip soon, and we are driving up the end of this month to see them!
Jenny took this photo and I love it!
Elle is a girly girl, but she so wants to learn karate.
Imagine, a girly girl that can turn your head around,
with one kick to the cheek! 
And the two older brothers she adores.
Her karate heroes.
Oh, I can't wait to get my snuggles on!
Stacey came with her babies & the sun was out!
Stacey's two love the open water.
And the waves obliged.
Boogie Board time.
John went with them to The Track.
Go Carts, Bumper Boats, and the Arcade.
Alaina had lost two teeth before they came.
She is our snaggle toothed princess {hearts!}
Stacey's view of the Gulf, and her cute feet.
John and I like sitting under the umbrella!
And her family will be back!
To help celebrate the 4th of July. Which means,
we have to go purchase a grill,
for the Grill Master is coming!!! WhooHoo!!

3 ~ I have a girlfriend visiting this weekend and it's always so good when she's here. Guess where we met up for lunch?!
What do I love about The Hangout?
Besides the music, the dancing on the tables
and in the aisles? The sliders and fries?
Walk right out to the sand and surf.
Or do as we did,
sit yourself down on a boardwalk bench.
We'd planned to do a bit of shopping,
so we're saving the beachy part for tomorrow.
Always a breeze, always the smell of salt,
always a vacation day ~ when you're retired!
The cutie in the middle and the cutie on the right,
didn't like this photo. Yeah, we all have cellulite.
But you know what?!
We're happy. We feel good,
and we're children of The King.
Can't get any better than that.
Besides, I think cellulite is a natural part
of a woman's body now. Julia Roberts has it {big smile font}
When I saw this, I immediately thought of my circle of friends.

4 ~ I read some of the funniest things on Pinterest this week. Laughed out loud many times and laughter is so good for the soul. Here are a few.
One to inspire ~
and one that taught me something!
I pray you've had a good week.
Here's to love, laughter, and family & good friends.
Blessings ~


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl!!! You always, always make me smile!!!! I love the cellulite thing...your friends are just beautiful ~ and I can't believe how fast those grandbabies are growing Nancy!! What happens to the time? Clara is 3 1/2 and we're waiting on baby Murray to arrive in early September! Just wanted to say hello and give you a big ol' GA ((((hug)))) ~ xxoo, Dawn

Stacia said...

Don't know if you already got it fixed but on my screen your header looks great!! No border! and your little picture in the post has the border. I'm using Google Chrome as my browser. Sometimes that makes a difference.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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