His Everlasting Love

Thus the heavens and the earth were completed
in all their vast array."
~ Genesis 2:1
 "My child, I created nothing in the world without forethought. Do you really think any creature could just "evolve" without precise, delicate thoroughness from My hand? If I know when a sparrow falls, and how many hairs are on your head, do you not also believe I am in control of the details of your life? You were a child in My heart long before you were a spark in your mother's eyes. With thoroughness, I created the world and everything in it. And with thoroughness, I will carry out My eternal plan for you."

This is my part of my morning devotional today and I loved it since John and I had been discussing how beautiful the day has been. Since moving here and being retired, we've had more time to ride around, to explore, to stop when we want and just watch the water flow. We've seen more birds that I've had to look up, fish that I've learned from John's excitement, and today part of the discussion was the fact that He didn't have to give us so many beautiful creatures. He didn't have to give us so many shrubs, trees, and flowers that bloom at some point year round. He didn't have to. But He did. He takes such delight in pleasing His children. I want to give back that same feeling to Him. Not to ever take for granted the simplest things in life. Is there a God? Look around you. Could man make everything you see? Whether indoors or out, there's something there that man can not do. Oh yes there's a God. And He wants our love, our devotion, our obedience. Just as I love my children and family, I have a heavenly Father that loves more than I ~ and that's difficult for me to imagine as I'd die for mine. Just as he did for me. But for strangers? Truly? I'd have to know the cause and the why's. Jesus knew He was dying for some that will never make it to Heaven, but He wills that we do. We have the choice. Please don't pass it up. I only saw the Garden and it was more than any Garden I've ever seen. I felt more peace and comfort than I've ever felt. There is a God, and He wants to know you.
I love Melissa Lester's blog and have featured her on here before. I really need to add her to my labels over on the right hand side {smile font}. Hers was the first updated blog I saw when I came to my site and I know the area of which she has photographed her daughter. I grew up not far from there and it was always a place our family visited during its open hours. Talk about God's beauty. The garden you'll find there is well tended to and cared for and many photographers use it, as well as weddings and receptions. I thought I'd end my post by letting you visit her site and see for yourself why it left me with a calm and peaceful feeling. Melissa is a beautiful Christian and Godly woman, and she not only has written books but is a speaker should you need someone for a women's day of devotion. Click here for a visit to Jasmine Hill ~ and yes, she makes her daughter's dresses. Another talent of hers.
Have a most blessed week and notice the beauty of it.

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Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Nancy! You are so sweet, and it is always a blessing to hear from you.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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