Acorns. And MORE Acorns!

For the last three weeks, the oak tree that 'shades' {John's favorite term for it} our driveway has driven this OCD lady crazy with the hundreds and hundreds of acorns that are rolling, stuck, and smashed on our driveway! I don't even walk in the yard over there because you risk rolling on them and breaking a bone! Aren't the squirrels supposed to do something with these little 'oaks'. I mean, don't they EAT acorns! Our HOA takes care of our yard each and every Thursday and then on Saturdays, Mondays, and some Wednesdays I'm out there raking, sweeping and basically hosing off the drive. You should hear cars driving around our circle ~ sounds like a monster crunching bones.

While perusing my Fall board on Pinterest tonight, I decided to divide up the Tablescapes from the normal Fall ideas. And that's when it hit me. Well, not literally. One did the other day while I was out with the water hose but that's another story. I found some neat innovative ways to use those darned acorns! Look what I found! {Note: if you want to know where you can find the links, you'll have to click HERE and go to my Pinterest board. All I'm providing here are the photos!}

I love this. You can buy a bag of wine corks
at Target! Yea, girl. You can! 
Look how adorable! Grab a bouquet at
the grocery. It'll last two weeks! 
or get some silkies and scatter around~ 
Other than the one with corks, this is my fav.
I heart candles. Oh my, yes.
Haley Gray! I do need to call you!
As we say in the South,
"Happy Fall, Y'all"
UPDATE: Aaaaaccchhh, there are weevils in acorns. I just had a friend FB me with that info. I Googled it and sure enough, maggot looking larvae grow into weevils! Someone. Anyone. How do we kill them so we can make these arrangements with them?! The Dark Side of Collecting Acorns.
UPDATE 2: Okay, so there's nothing you can do about the worms, which grow from the maggots. I throw up in my mouth a little just typing that word. IF there's a hole in the acorn, the 'm' thing has already crawled OUT and you should be okay. IF there is NO hole, then yore gonna have a mealy maggot in the mornin', gulfriend. Eeewww. So go buy some. In fact, here's a site:
and click HERE for the link! Or order them from Pottery Barn {big smile font!}

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