Hachi, and Loyalty

 "A drama based on the true story
of a college professor's bond
with the abandoned dog he takes into his home."
You can Click Here for information from
Wikipedia, and Click Here for the IMDb info.
Deborah, a dear friend of mine, suggested this.
I watched it today and highly recommend it to you.
It's heart warming. It's a memory maker.
One of those that last in your heart.
This, below, is from YouTube, a trailer for the movie~
(Oh, I love Richard Gere.) 
 There was very little changed from the original story, except that the owner was not an American Richard Gere. It took place in Japan and below is a piece that Katie Couric ran on her nightly news station. Katie's not in the house, but the piece is right on target and well done. 
Hachi~A Dog's Tale of Love and Loyalty
There are many other tales of dogs that have waited on the masters after death came. Dogs that laid on the graves of their master until death came. Dogs losing their lives saving the lives of others. The one that still brings tears to our eyes and a lump to our heart was a pup Jenny named Maggie. Short for Jenny's Southern Magnolia. She wasn't able to have 'papers' as she was the runt of the litter. One blue eye, one green. Having her spayed, we discovered she had no ovaries. Her tear ducts didn't work. and finally, after loving her, and her spoiling us with her devotion, we found her liver was literally non-existent. We had to make that heart breaking decision to put her to sleep. We went to pick her up and they had cleaned her and wrapped her in her blanket. She looked like she was simply asleep. John said driving home I keened like a mother dog. I don't remember. I do remember grieving for days, for weeks. Even now, there are times I listen for her little feet to come pattering across the tile  to me. I believe that she in the Garden, whole, happy, playing with the children I miscarried. Our pups may not have souls but He made them for our enjoyment and delight. I believe He takes them Home for His and those He has brought home to live in the Garden until that great day when we walk through the gates of Heaven with Him. I watched this movie on Netflix, but however you see it, make sure you see it. We need more movies like this. Less movies like Scream and Halloween. Just sayin'.

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