Have Pine Cones?

I'll admit these came from Pinterest. If one of these is your photograph, please don't be upset. Leave me a comment and I'll edit, giving you the credit! Pinterest makes it easy to pin a photo without clicking to to see if there's actually a recipe with that yummy brownie recipe. So, let's proceed!
Our yard has pine trees. Which means there are cones. Bugs like pine trees, so I purchase bags of pine cones at Hobby Lobby, already cleaned and bug free. However, you can wash and dry them.
Not long ago I was invited to join Pinterest. Oh.my.pine.cones. There are oodles of ways to decorate with these aggravating-to-those-who-have-to-pick-them-up thingies! Spring and Summer seem to be cone-less ~ BUT I bet someone will come up with an idea! And I'll pin it!
Enjoy the photographs and here's hoping you gather some ideas to use for your Fall decor!
and lastly, a topiary~(LOVE those bitty ones!)
To you and yours, Happy Fall Y'all!

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