Bits & Pieces of Today

We got this today and I smiled.
Sweet Alaina dressed for Farm Day.
I remember the day she was born.
Our first granddaughter.
That feeling still has my heart. 
The I clicked over to Jen's page and saw this.
My heart won't accept it! They're grown up!
We were there for their births, &
for a time Noah had the most beautiful curls.
He still does, but they are shorter and he's taller!
I know our children grow up & that grabs the heart.
When grandchildren begin growing up, hold on.
Your heartstrings aren't going to want to let go.
 *  * * * * * * * * *
And for something totally different. The debate.
Last night between the VP's.
First, Biden acted rude and disrespectful, then
I was appalled, shocked, and felt that the mediator
appeared to break every rule she was to abide by.
Then I read this, posted by a student I still love,
Mandie Granger Barrett. And I love her for it.
"When a wise man argues with a foolish man,
the fool only gets angry or laughs,
and there is no peace and quiet."
Proverbs 29:9 NLV

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