I Love Fall ~

I love Fall. And Winter. Always have. Always will.
You can have your Summer!
Back to the subject {grin font}
Look how easy-peasy this idea is!
Three items from the grocery store!
One hurricane!
A bit of twine & a candle (on sale, of course)
Yeah, I'm doing this next week. 
This grabbed my heartstrings. Hard.
I want to do this SO badly.
Just not sure I can recreate it.
I'm not that good with floral items.
I try. And I fool some of the people.
But not all of them.
I have the urn already.
Walmart and Target have the fake pumpkins.
I have the gold paint. And stencil!
Need a bit more silk stuff.
Okay, so I'll try this AND
let you know how it goes.
{crossmyfingers font} 
I'm writing while watching the Tide and Mizzou.
That's hard. I love the Crimson Tide. Okay,
I love everything about this.
So much so, that at 2 am I was up
 painting a primer on a lamp that was too gold.
I have all the elements EXCEPT a husk wreath.
Maybe Old Time Pottery will?
I can pick up an old frame
at the many flea markets here.
The ribbon is easy to find now.
As is the iron piece.
So, IF I can find a wreath of husk,
I'll do this project as well.
Stay tuned!
{Photos from Pinterest}

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