Happy Birthday, Noah ~

We fell in love easily.
"I hold you, Nan".
And I did.
How my heart misses those words. 
A bit shy, loves his parents and big brother;
a homebody that giggles. A lot. 
A sister came along and he became
a big brother himself!
He does well with the role.
Began karate and preschool,
and that shyness became no so anymore. 
He and John are buddies.
They love to snuggle and watch
silly shows on TV. 
Oh, how we love our Noah.
Six years old today.
Thanksgiving, as matter of fact.
A true Thanksgiving blessing. 
May your years be many,
your laughter long and your fears few.
You have a large support of family & friends
that love you, Noah. You'll always have
someone to turn to, to confide in, to giggle with,
and to love and be loved. Happy Birthday.
We love you very much.

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