Remembering Sandy Hook

Today our hearts were broken.
Today evil entered an elementary school.
A kindergarten classroom.
Intent on hurting the innocent.
These scenes were, are, all over the news channels.
I know I'll never forget. Happening this close
to what will be unwrapped presents under trees.
One of those times I'll 'remember where I was'. 
The trauma units. The crime scene tape.
At another school. Little ones this time.
* * * * *
Someones' child. Crying uncontrollably.
Forever traumatized. Changed in an instant. 
Wondering who was. Who wasn't.
And no one knew much for too long. 
He knew. He knew as they were waking up.
Riding to school. Walking to class.
And He wept.
He hurts with us. It's in His Word.
And He promises to use Satan's evil
to bring about good. I don't understand.
But I believe.
And I know He never lies.

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~ from The Letter Writer ~

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