It's a Colorful Christmas!

I love tulle and bottle brush trees.
They bring out the nostalgia in me.
How many readers had mothers
that made a tulle tree?! Mine did.
Colors introduced that we don't see often.
Same goes for mantels!
There are four themes used for decorating during the holidays. White and neutrals; bright colors; traditional; and rustic. Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, I'll share the rustic look that many love (and I would if we had a home in the Smokies!) Christmas Day I'll share the traditional look. But whether you live in the mountains, on the coast, or middle America ~ your decorating is yours and THAT makes it all yours and beautiful.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Please note ~ these photos came from my board on Pinterest and others I found on Pinterest Search!

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becktovintage said...

Merry Christmas and all best warm wishes..:))

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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