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This sweet baby of ours is excited, because~ 
they had a SNOW DAY!
Stacey's a teacher, so she was happy, too!
We got none. Nada. Zilch. Not a flurry.
BUT, Winter isn't over yet!
I laugh out loud each time I see this.
Or think of it! 
And I have a girlfriend that needs this. Bahaha.
She wants a bike to ride,
and she loves walking on the beach.
Heeeeere ya go, Deborah!
This sweet beauty?
One of God's gifts to us in the animal kingdom.
Oh John, find a way to take me here one day.
And not just in my dreams~
I want to make these for Easter.
They're just too cute!

Raspberry Confetti Kisses

And this one has grabbed my heart!
Leslie & Heath's latest 'baby bump' photo
of our newest grandbaby. A boy.
To say we're thrilled is an understatement.

I pray your week has been filled with moments
that made you laugh, made you giggle,
made you thankful, made you dream,
caused you to pause and say a prayer.

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