A Guy, A Gal, and A Rule

It was the 100th Day of School at FPK. And also Pajama Day in Noah's classroom. Great job, Noah! Your time at this school changed your life, and we will forever be thankful for not only the opportunity, but the blessings of those teaching and loving you.
It was Princess/Prince Party Day in Elle's classroom for the 100th Day. I have to congratulate Jenny on the Snow White dress. She made this for Elle! We all love FPK and pray for those that guide and teach these little ones. So there's my sweet guy and gal ~
My grandmother, Josephine Bass Yarbrough, was a retired teacher that didn't stop teaching when she left the building. Along with other grammar rules, this one has stuck in my mind forever! You know, the American language has got to be the most difficult to teach.
I love this photo! Jenny's happy and relaxed after putting together a precious birthday party for Noah (Camp Noah); Noah is excited and obviously tickled with the birthday party and goodies; and Elle is having a blast being the little sister and knowing she's in a photo! Click on Camp Noah above to be directed to Jenny's blog and see more neat photos of how she and Brandon put Camp Noah together for a troop of guys and gals. Happy 6th Birthday, No!

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The Feathered Nest said...

I just have to tell you sweet girl, I have always, ALWAYS loved your Noah! He is so animated and so wonderful!!! What a precious soul he is...Happy Birthday Noah! You are so very blessed precious friend...but I think you already know that! hugs and love, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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