This photo led to a discussion.
Then a disagreement.
This is Elle, Jenny's daughter.
She's scraping a bar of laundry soap.
Jenny's making her own soap?
She does.
Since when?
She has been.
No, she hasn't.
Yes, she has!
No. She hasn't!!! It's a Pinterest idea.
I'm telling you, she HAS!!!!. Period!!! 
Well, I lost. She has! She does!

And you can click HERE to get the directions should you decide you'd like to try it. She has a family of five and yes, there's lots of clothes. And towels. Did I say clothes? Me? I have one other in the house and now that he's retired he can wear the same jeans more than once. But I'm proud of our girl. Even though I do have to suck it up. Again. I don't win many around here. That's what you get when you marry a man from Holtville High (heart font) They just don't get any better.

I think I'll stick to my GAIN liquid, Jenny. It reminds me of the way your clothes smell. In fact, Ian said on a visit, "Nan, your clothes smells like my momma's." What a compliment. I wear it with pride.

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