Dr. Mary Neal & Her NDE

(On the far left bar, you'll see Asleep-77 Days. It's my account of an experience my family and I will never forget. Our lives were changed, some more than others. But as I told a counselor, I'd do it all over to have that time in the Garden.)

If you've followed me for a while, you know that almost 7 years ago I underwent an outpatient procedure that went horribly wrong. Truly, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Satan had a grand time. That was a Friday afternoon and I would spend the next 77 days in ICU and away from home. However, satan forgot that I am a child of the King. Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and on call where the doctors that were the best in their field. Our beloved internist, Dr. Catherine Thomas, told John that the ones she would have called, happened to be on call. Yes, our Lord trumps again.

My sweet man saw the above interview on his Facebook Home page. We both watched and listened as Dr. Mary Neal shared her near death experience. She was gone longer than me but some were the same. John and I caught ourselves looking at each other with amazement, and "She saw that, too!", and "It really happened." She made a key statement that nailed what I felt after being sent back. This is what Dr. Neal said, "I went from believing to knowing".

Growing up I was taught that one could hope for a place in Heaven and that if one walked with the Lord there was hope that he would reside with Him. Hope. I now know that if one follows the plan of salvation and loves the Lord, he or she can rest knowing that they WILL be with the Lord. I can tell you I was no saint {surprise!} and I distinctly remember thinking, "I'm here! I'm really here!" and I had goosebumps on my arms upon realizing that He had indeed forgiven me the sins all those 50 years! I was there! I just didn't get to stay.

Dr. Mary Neal was sent back, too. She was sent back with additional knowledge that I'm glad I wasn't, and I'll let her share that. We both believe we were given the mission of spreading the word that Heaven is real. There IS a God and He does forgive. He loves us more than we love our own children and He forgives. Everything. Except blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Here is a great article on this subject.

I love sharing what I saw, what I felt, what I learned. I get excited letting others know that there is NO pain when you die. We live in an earthly shell and it may go on 'living' after the soul departs. (We were talking recently about our mothers killing chickens and how those birds would run around the yard with no head before finally dying.) When it is appointed our time to die, to be with Him or to be cast into darkness, there will be no pain. Like the blink of an eye, you're transported. Transformed. The earthly shell may, or may not, continue to live. Sharing over the years, I've been told "the eyes will tell". It appears that there's no one home.

And just as Dr. Neal confirmed, someone always comes for us. I was never afraid. I was never alone. I felt only supreme happiness, joy and delight in knowing where I was and that I knew those I had loved here on earth. I knew who they were and my connection to them. I believe we will know others in Heaven but that there will be no sorrow in those that aren't there. You will read that one of my first thoughts was, "John will be so excited when he gets here!". 

I pray that if you don't know my Lord and King that you get in touch with a local minister of the Word. Email me your location and I'll do my best to give you the names of some in your area. I know He longs for all of us to return. I know He knows not all of us will make that decision. As a parent, I can imagine that truly hurts His heart. But He practices tough love and He is very clear about what is expected of us. Just as there is a Heaven, there IS a Hell.

May your week be filled with much love and laughter and may you walk with your head held high knowing that someone far greater than any of us loves us and wants us to come home. To a mansion, to a beautiful life where there is no pain, no worries, no tears. Life is hard and satan (I refuse to give him the distinction of having a capital S) is working overtime. But he's a loser. Cling to God. He's never far away. And don't be afraid that dying will hurt. Just blink your eye. Feels just like that. May God bless and keep you ~

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