Our Easter Babies

It was a beautiful weekend for Easter.
A mite cool, but sunshiny smiles.
I am so in love with our family.

The men that lovingly married our daughters are men of our hearts. We could not have asked of God any better than the ones He chose Himself. And the grandbabies?! Well, if you're a grandmother or a grandfather yourself, you know there aren't words to express the love in our hearts when they run to us with that look that's just reserved for us. To watch them grow brings a tightening to the heartstrings but what a blessing. This year we were given another gift to love and spoil. Owen Heath Taylor joined our family and again, we've lost another piece of our heart. We are all thrilled that he and Leslie came through birth just fine and are settling in at home with daddy Heath. John and I are so very thankful for these sweet blessings. 
The Maddox's 
The Green's 
And, The Taylor's.
With our newest family member.
(Marley has been very receptive {smile font}. 
John and I stayed with Miss Marley until Owen came home. It was cute the way Heath and Leslie introduced Marley to her brother and invited him into her home. I'm not sure how long Leslie has had Marley but I know it's in the double digit years. We hated leaving but have been blessed with almost daily photos of this precious gift from God. He seems to be changing daily, but then, they all do that, don't they? I look at our daughters and wonder where time went. Just this past Easter, they were playing in the front yard with my grandmother's hats and acting like they were "old ladies". That photo still makes me smile. 
Of course I had to get some rocking time in!

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Laurie Ritchey said...

What a beautiful family! Your comment moderation is killing me! I have such a hard time with those things. laurie

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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