Back to School ~

As soon as I saw this photo, my answer was, "No." Then I realized they weren't talking about grandmothers. And grandfathers. Pa's. And Nan's. I'm sure there are mommies like me that enjoyed having our daughters at home. Being a teacher at the local school was even better. I got to see more of them. But oh, I worried those first few weeks of a new school year. Were they nervous? Did they have everything they needed? Would a teacher be impatient with them or would anyone try to bully them.

 Sheez. It's not easy being a parent.

Well then, just wait until you have grandbabies. It's even tougher. I wanted to call every day just to see if the day went well. Did they get in the car happy or wishing they didn't have to go tomorrow? After the first weekend, were there tears because it was Monday and that meant going back to school again? The prayers of this Nan were many and fervent. From the length of their Pa's prayers, his heart was right there where mine was. We were also praying for the mommies, so they wouldn't have worry or stress.

This is the third week for our MS babies and the second week for our AL babies. So far, so good. Although I'm not sure they'd share anything negative anyway. They'd deal with it in the infinite patience they have, they'd pray about it, and then turn it over to God. Nan needs to do that. I need to begin now.
Or, maybe, wait until I see them for myself {Wink font}.

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