Weekly Favorites ~

For Sale. To remind you.
Of His Love.
Precious couple. Godly couple.
God led them north. Chad to Seminary.
Allison to medical school.
New friends, stepping up to the challenge.
I am so proud of them. For them.
And pray daily He will keep them safe
and bring love, laughter, and blessings ~
I could live here. Easily.
It looks cozy. Small.
But looks can be deceiving.
As is this beaut that sits on Lake Martin.
Southern Living's new house.
Have you seen it yet?

Sigh ~ 
Remember these swings?
The holidays bring yummy goodies. 
May you and yours find joy and delight
in the cooler temps. Breath deeply of the brilliant
colors of the season and its freshness.
Sing songs of praise.
Be thankful ~

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