Winter White, Winter Quiet

within this photograph of these old books
are the colors of a season, not just any season
the season that grabs my heart and stills it
winter ~ the soft quiet days of winter
i love winter
i love its soft whites
muted neutrals
and snowy dreams
who knew there were so many shades of white
wintery hues, fading brilliance, ghosts of what was
gardens, animals, people hibernate
in a state of rest, to recreate, rejuvenate
it's the time for cuddling, a time for snuggling
hot chocolate and warm thick socks
fuzzy throws, firelight, and
the sound of pages being turned, low conversation
christmas is just its beginning
a season of joyful delight
remembered childhood memories~
times that bring a softness to the eyes
oh, winter, my friend
i search for you all year
only to wake up one morning
and find frosty droplets on my window
there you are
and my soul settles in
for reflection, quietness
and i rejoice in your arrival

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~ from The Letter Writer ~

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