How Do They Thank Them?

And a post from 2013 ~
How do we thank them? Are there words enough to express our heartfelt gratitude? There are ways to show them. Never walk by one without acknowledging them. Never. They exist. And because they do, we still do. Buy them a meal without letting them know. Just leave a 'thank you' at the register. Teach your babies they are to be appreciated and respected. Join with your congregation with the shoebox and Christmas boxes being sent to the deployed. Sign up with The Wounded Warriors or another group that actually helps those returning and needing help with physical, emotional and/or mental issues. PTSD is real. And that's not the most serious they suffer from or with. They have this household's prayers each day, several times a day. I'm proud of those that fought for our freedom from the British, the War of 1812, the Spanish War, the Civil War Between the States, in WWI and WWII with Germany and Nazi Germany. My father in the Korean Conflict against North Korea. Three nephews that proudly served in the Air Force, the Marines and one currently serving in the Navy. I'm very proud of them and pray for them so often and for their family as they await to hear a voice on the phone.

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