oh, in love with autumn

oh. i am so in love with autumn
and i love to waltz thru pinterest and dream
like today, like now
with this adorable house
it would be mine
#13 would be the home of a sweet older lady
who would keep delicious smells wafting in and through
our shared porches and patios
yummy simple meals

i live next door, behind the green door
and i bake desserts to go with our meals together
but today is a great day to wander
i wonder how long it has been since a train traveled these tracks
what did the passenger cars look like
were there more people going home or visiting family
oh, what beauty they had from their windows
when i was younger, my family traveled on the hummingbird
from central florida to montgomery alabama
it's a heart memory i hold close
walking home, d i notice i need to clean up the table
site of our impromptu meal last night at dusk
much loved linens on the table and mismatched pieces
we toasted to cooler weather
the beauty of our God's painting
and to each other's continued good health
my sassy greeted me at the door with kisses
lots of kisses and snuggles
sweet pup, we have a mutual admiration and love
 they imprint forever on our hearts
just ask anyone that's loved and lost
it hurts forever
we'll cuddle up in my cloud, get cozy, maybe
revisit the beauty of today and its' blessings
drift off in mounds of softness
and mushy pillows
until tomorrow's light peeps in

do you dream
i always have
i believe that dreams of tomorrow
become the realities of today
so hold on to dreams
they do come true
have a blessed week, a thanksgiving time of
remembering your blessings
heart memories
and feel free to use these two free printables.

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