Autumn Is Still UP?!?!

Yes, Autumn is still up in our household. Horrors!! That's only happened one other time, and we like to forget that December. However, we have been busy with various things you care nothing about, that with my memory I'd have to go get my calendar to fill you in. Yeah, that kind of crazy busy.

And I had to, HAD TO, finish painting the hall. The back hall that I've been working on since, well, since last Autumn. I think. Pretty sure. So I was determined not to put up Autumn and pull out her Christmas dress until that hall was painted! And trimmed! Trimmed twice, as a matter of fact. I had no idea how marked up doors, facings, and baseboards get marked up! Man!

I would post pictures to prove to you, but they're the same ones you have already seen {Rolling Eyes font} like in, September, maybe?!?! But I CAN show you some ideas I plan to implement next week! Because I plan to finish painting the hall this weekend! Drag out the HuGe container that holds Autumn and clean the house. Then, I can begin unpacking closets and boxes and containers and make the Hood go up in the attic for the greenery and wreaths. Aaaaaah, makes me happy just thinking about it.

Oh, and this year I get to add the pieces I bought from Southern Born hand crafting!! You can find them by clicking on the name or going to We love the pieces we've purchased and he is making us a customized dining room table, so yes, I highly recommend them. I'll be sure to point what I purchased once this house is dressed in her finery. (Oh, I miss the icons. I could use a Christmas tree one right now!)
 I plan to try this for the buffet table in our breakfast room.
Already collecting the older bibles that have been passed
down and other small hymnals.
And I'm thinking this for the mantel.
Not the usual silk greenery I use or the ribbon,
but I love the natural look of it and it'll go
through Winter well.
And this photo down here?!
I'm a child of the King and I love that He gave
me a love for snow and cardinals. This photo, found
on Pinterest, says it all. sigh ~ 
blessings to you and yours.

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