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Life can be complicated. Easy. Hard. Complex and, yet, there's always someone or something that causes me to smile. It's usually then that I remember the One that formed me also set the stars in the sky and knows me better than I know myself. We all have our hurts, pain, and memories we'd love to forget. But along with those are the tender, precious, beloved memories we pray not to ever let slip from our minds. This past year has brought many emotions, along with finding more about life, God, and the sifting of friends I've known for decades and some I've only met the last few years. Each special in a season of my life. Some have gone on. Some have stayed. Some have backed off for one reason or another. It's Life. And it's expected.

He never backs off. We do, but He doesn't. He's always there, waiting for us to call upon Him to praise Him, need Him, or just want to rest within His love. I am a very thankful child of a very loving King. His Spirit teaches me and helps me understand so that forgiveness comes easy. Life is good, as long as I'm closely aligned with Him. Aaaaannnddd, He knows just how much I love

SNOW! It snows very little where we live. (Did I say 'very'?) We see more ice. Maybe it will snow this year?! Probably NOT. So, with that, here some photos of past snows, sweet babies and memories from the heart ~

snow covered rooftop
Our home, January 2008
Snow! On Christmas Day!
Oh, sweet 'laina. Barely three years old.
My princess.
A trip to Gatlinburg in February 2009. Snow, snow, snow!
The smile is genuine.
And at The Park in March '09!
I was in heaven. Beautiful.
giggling over Nelson and John
Back in the 'burg, Fall 2010, looking for snow and finding it.
And blessed with another baby girl ~
sweet babygirl & her daddy
ElleBelle was headed toward her second birthday here with her Daddy.
Our Mississippi babies
We moved to the Coast in 2011, so there was sand.
Not snow. But we got some Winter loving.
They got snow and so did Gulf Shores! What excitement!
The beaches were covered with snow and ice.
It was also the first time I learned that hearing pinetree limbs cracking
and falling off the trees was NOT fun! It meant clean up.
 We were blessed with a new grandson.
Sweet Owen celebrated his first birthday that Spring.
Snow and a first birthday within months of each other.
Another decade for me this year
and the hopes that it WILL snow before 2016.
It does NOT look like it'll happen, but one can hope!
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Have an awesome week, snow or no snow!!

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