Big Shoes & Mmies

As John would say, I've worked like a rented mule the past three days, so today Noah and I simply enjoyed snuggling, playing, and watching the butterflies outside from the swing. Here are a few snaps from our time together~

This child will go right to sleep when I sit down with him in our rocker~and I love every single tiny quick-fleeting minute of it. Once I've rocked to my hearts content, we get on one of the beds and nap. Today I had to get up to help Jenny's father in law with some of the repair work he's doing for us. When I went back to check up on Noah, he'd stretched out and was snoring quietly~I got a novel I'm reading and crawled into the recliner on the other side. And we whiled away the morning.

These next shots were taken after Jenny and Ian returned from a hard day at school~not really, how hard can school be when you're four and think everyday's a play date. Wait! Sounds like my retirement~So Ian wants pictures of him jumping from the fireplace. This is one of the results~some of them were so fuzzy they looked like ghostly pictures. He loved that and kept running to the camera to check out the shot. Noah, like his mother, has a fetish for shoes. The child loves shoes. And they don't have to be his. For instance, Ian took his off and Noah put them on. Jen and I laughed so many times watching him plug around in those way-too-big shoes. And the child, like his mommy, loves M&M's~which he and Ian both refer to as "mmies". Note his discolored teeth, which led to discolored drool. When Jen was Noah's age, she loved watching Richard Simmons and eating M&M's. Must be an inherited trait. Mmies, that is, not Richard Simmons.

Can you tell I'm in love?


Susanne Goodin said...

You are making me look forward to being a grandmother at the young age of 34. My children do not snuggle much anymore, except for my sweet Lakyn (13). She still will sleep with me and snuggle when Mark is on Midnights. You have such a sweet relationship with your cute grandchildren. Have a happy mother's day!

Kelly said...

Richard Simmons as "Mr. Goodbody?" I watched it too.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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