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Well, there's nothing like having a realtor call wanting to show your home to get some hurries on to get it ready!! Those 100+ things you've put off doing, now get done!! I love it!! Tonight I have a clean home, and Jen had the grand idea that once we sell and move out what we want, we'll just have a yard sale ONLY people will come in and buy it off the walls, out of the closets and cabinets, and move it out the door! Yay, Jenny! There's very little furniture Johnny and I will be taking and what the girls don't want will be at a great price! Not to mention kitchen items {NOT my Pampered Chef!} and home decor. Some will be sold with the house if the owners choose but so much will go out in the InHome Sale! I'm loving it.

I sat out in a parking lot drinking this huge icy coca cola, reading a US Weekly, waiting for a Century 21 agent to show our home. Came home, the candles were still burning, the lights on, and everything looked sooooo good!! It began to rain, I began to settle in, and thought I'd post this before I kick in a good Netflix movie. There is a ton of snapshots I took when I got in, so check that site out!! There's a link under the header above. If you see something that interests you, leave me a comment. I'm off to relax! Oh, and putting those snapshots took too much time, please leave a comment so I'll know it wasn't in vain~


Myrna said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for visiting my blog..I'm still getting the hang of it all...
I just peeked in on Heartstrings and Family blogs of yours--you are an wonderful and gifted writer!!
I was in tears over some of your posts! It's inspiring to read about your heart for the Lord, your passion and love for your husband--as well as for life!
When I have more time, I look forward to reading some more of your 'back' posts!
Thanks again for visiting!!
Blessings to you,
Myrna (More than Heirlooms)

Haley said...

I want first dibs after the kids and before everyone comes in and takes all the good stuff! lol

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thanks Nancy for the sweet comments. I wish you the best on selling your house, how exciting. Have a great weekend!


Chad said...

I love the pictures of your house. Too bad we are in bham. :)

Anonymous said...

Nancy and John
You two could walk out the front door, I could walk in the front door, and I would have the perfect house. Wouldn't change a thing. I love it. It is just a year too soon and a bit too big for what we want - but I love your home.
The other Nancy and John

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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