Simple Things Make Me Happy

This Master closet was an unorganized mess. Because the bedroom and closet are smaller than the ones upstairs, we chose to make one of the upstairs bedrooms the master. However, with time we began sleeping downstairs more and more and somehow, John's clothes began appearing in the closet. You can go here to see the, what I called, a disaster area. We rent this townhome, so I didn't want to put much money into more shelving and other ways to utilize the space. I purchased the two smaller shelves
and look what a difference an afternoon can make! The top photo is looking straight into the closet. The one just above is to the right. The other part is behind the door. Yeah, small area but now it works! Well,
as long as we don't try to put my clothes in there. I still keep mine upstairs and love having the larger closet. When I get the nerve I'll show you that one. The reason I don't now is that I also store seasonal decor in there at this time. Let me get the floor a bit more organized and I'll share at that time.
This is what used to be the photo below. I still haven't gotten to Walmart or Lowe's to get a small green plant to grow in water in the thin glass jar. When I do that, I'll remove the silk fern behind the ceramic birds. Here's a hint to those of you with a wall outlet in the middle of your wall. We have an entertainment area, complete with surround sound, etc at The Park and we love it! BUT my sweet man did NOT want to hang his large screen on the wall, so I was faced with placing a shelf over the outlet. Which wouldn't have been difficult had you not had wires hanging from below the shelf. (Yeah, the cable outlet is in the middle of the wall, along with another necessary outlet.) While painting the wall, I merely painted the wiring and it blends in so well, you don't see it unless you're looking for it!
We had three adorable munchkins with us for a bit recently and here's some photos from that day. Have I told you before how much we love our grandbabies. I had no idea love could be so wide and so deep.
Pa and Ian were involved with Animal Planet. Normally, it's PBS Kids or a network that shows the older cartoons like Jetson's, Pink Panther, Yogi Bear. We are trying to get him interested in other genres and the Animal Planet is working. For about thirty minutes, then it's "Pa, can we find a kids station?" He and Pa share the same depth of concentration, too. They hear noone, NOONE, when they're watching TV.


Southern Queen of the Crazies said...


Heather said...

I did the "clean out master closet" thing this weekend too. Whew! That was a task! But I purged many clothes that no longer fit me (sigh) one of those left over joys of having 2 babes :) But my closet looks much better and I'm so happy!

I love the shelf you have pictured. Where did you get that?

Nancy said...

Heather, those in the closets all came from Target and the one I use as a mantel over the TV ;) came from Hobby Lobby. You can get them dirt cheap when they have them at 50% off, which is at least one week a month. I think I got this one for $17.99.


Why can't my closet stay clean????? It is the craziest thing. Clean and re-organize...get messy...start over. I do not have any grandkids yet but I think my son will be first. He only got married in November but he is 36!!! Time is ticking :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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