Her Sanctuary ~ My Dreams

one of my favorite blogs
today i clicked on
to find some of my favorite colors
and a nod to an upcoming holiday

we are in the process of redecorating
our bookcases and i want
a more neutral look for the season
a nod toward our area of sand and surf
to bring in glass, silver, and mercury
along with natural woods and finds 
these are so easy to place
they go anywhere
i love to watch our grandbabies
smell and listen to them
it's a valentine's day tree
makes the heart smile
and when the heart smiles
the soul sings

*   *   *   *

click here to see other photos
of her home
i'm never disappointed


Jenny Maddox said...

I could see these in your house!

Nancy said...

You do make me smile :) I'm edging that way !

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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